Starting January 1st, we will change our studio's name to Novo Yoga. Our website will be

and our email will be

On January 8th we will start the new and expanded schedule

​(please check out the schedule pages above)

Happy New Year everybody.................Novo Yoga

Novo Yoga

1820 S Pacific Coast Hwy​

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

​310 540 2023


​New To Our Site?

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Been Here Before?

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New to our site is for students who are in our system  at the studio but never used the MindBody online system before to purchase classes or specials. This is the first time you are doing this.  

If this is you follow the steps below:

1.  Put in your first and last name as it is in our system  at the studio.

2. Find and click on your name

3. Verify your identity

4. Establish a password

5. As you land  o​n your profile page. Click on the "Online  Store "tab

If you are  ready to buy 

Click Here To Purchase Online

Been here before is for students who are in our system at the studio and have already used  the MindBody online system to purchase classes and specials that we might have offered in the past.

If this is you, put in your email and password you created when you purchased the first time and you should be familiar with the purchasing process from here on.

Click Here To Purchase Online

Buying Online Guidelines

When you purchase online you will be using the MindBody system which is also the software we use at Front Desk to keep track of everything that goes on with our students. Although you are already a registered student with us, you will still need to sign into the MindBody system for online purchases. You will be presented with two options: