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On January 8th we will start the new and expanded schedule

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Happy New Year everybody.................Novo Yoga

Novo Yoga

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3 Things you need for class: You need a Yoga mat, a large towel and a bottle of water. If you are missing any of these three, we will give it to you at the studio. The first time, the Yoga mat and the towel are free. The water is available, refrigerated, for purchase

How to approach your first class: Take it easy. It is as simple as that.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The first class is not the one where you want to push. In fact, we suggest you to go trough the first 5 to 10 classes with the idea of slowly familiarize yourself with the practice and the heat. Give some time to your body and your mind to connect, get in sync and have a feeling of “I have been here before, I can do this”. You do not need to do all the postures or to be perfect, but you need to keep it together.  It means, no walking around during or between postures. No talking to your friends during or between postures. It means using simple courtesy and common sense to avoid activities that can interfere with the flow of the class and the concentration of your fellow students.

Try to do the postures with everybody else to the best of your ability. If, at any time, you feel overwhelmed or overheated or overexerted, wait until the end of the posture and lay down in Savasana to rest your body and calm down your mind. When you feel better, wait for the posture to finish, get up and do the next posture with everybody else. 

Fluids: We allow only water in class. In some of the practices we offer, we don’t drink water for the first 20 minutes or so to warm up the body inside out. After that, there are some spots, every 3 or 4 postures, where the teacher will encourage students to drink. If you can wait with everybody else, great, otherwise for the first class, drink as you need but only between postures. A feeling of dizziness is normal here and there during the first few classes. It will go away later on. If you feel at some point that it is absolutely necessary for you to leave the room, please do it at the end of the posture. After a few minutes, when you fell better, look trough the windows from the corridor, make sure the posture is done, and reenter the room. Take it easy, don’t push too much and talk to the teacher after class about how it went.

Seeping water during the day is a great way to hydrate your body in preparation for the class.

Coconut water seems to be still the best way to replenish the minerals that you lose through the profuse sweating. Some students drink it before and some others after class. 

Hydration is obviously an important element of practicing hot yoga. The New Students Seminar will cover this issue and much more. 

Welcome to Novo Yoga 

New students, please attend one of our 

Open House Seminar

offered free of charge 4 times a year 

(Please check the Open House Seminar page)


New Students Specials

$30 For 7 Days 

Try your 1st week of hot yoga for just $30

$60 For 30 Days

After your 1st week, continue to practice for another 30 days at a deep discounted price

10% off 

If you decide that hot yoga is for you, enjoy a 10% discount off your first package of classes, 

if purchased during the 30 day intro

Here  are some suggestions on 

attending your first class 

Come 20/25 min before your first class:This is one of the best things a new student can do for him or her self. Besides filling up a short application we like to have some time to ask you about injuries and surgeries, old or recent. Any conditions, temporary or permanent that might preclude you from executing the postures. We need to know if you are currently taking any medication for any reason. With all this information, we might give you a couple of suggestions about some postures, pick a good spot for you in the room and put you at ease.

Come on an empty stomach:  In any type of Yoga, you will find some postures where a mild to vigorous massage of the internal organs is included. Some postures are specifically designed to work on the digestive and elimination systems. For this reason, you shouldn’t go through the digesting process in a Yoga class. A regular meal should be consumed 3 or 4 hours before class to allow for a full digestion. A banana or a power bar might be ok an hour before class. 

What to wear: Remember that we are practicing in the heat. What you wear shouldn’t be too heavy or too loose either.

For men: running trunks or swimming trunks will do it. You don’t really need a t-shirt but if you don’t feel comfortable without it, wear it. Keep in mind that cotton T-shirts get soaked pretty quickly.

For women: a sports bra or tank top is fine. As for men, T-shirts are acceptable but not a necessity. For the legs, we see anything, from short to mid thighs to below the knee exercise pants. Sweat pants are not recommended. Pants down to your feet will get in the way of several postures. Cotton is not the best material for hot yoga. Supplex or other “perspiration wicking” materials are more appropriate to counter the profuse sweating.

If you don't have yoga clothing, don't worry. Come with what you have, look at what other students are wearing during the practice and ask for suggestions after class. Make some adjustments or purchases only when you know you want to continue with hot yoga.